We Care

Habana home cares for its customers and tries to help them by educating how to care the best for their carpet.

We are providing a free carpet care kit with the HH carpet (conditions apply). This helps you to maintain your carpet from normal day to day troubles.

Care Instructions
  • Regular brushing/ vacuuming will help to remove dust and dirt and preserve the original luster and shine of your carpet.
  • Color fading can occur if your carpet is exposed to bright sunlight for sustained periods.
  • Regularly turn your carpet to avoid areas of uneven wear; its also decreases marks caused by the weight of furniture.
  • Clean spills immediately. Never rub a spill. Blot liquids and clean with a dry, white absorbent cloth. Cleaning products should be tested on small areas prior to wholesale use.
  • Stains may be cleaned with a mild clear detergent. If stains remain, seek professional cleaning advice.
  • Carpets should not be dry – cleaned or machine washed.
  • We recommend that an anti – slip underlay pad is used.

Habana home se preocupaporsus clients e intent ayudaries en el mantenimiento de sualfomra.

Le failitamosunfolletoinformativo con instrucciones de mantenimiento y limpiezagratuitamente con sualfombra HH (seguncondiciones). Esto le ayudara a mantenersualfombra en perfectas condiciones en todomomento.

  • Es aconsejable aspirer y cepillar regularmente para eliminar el polvo y la suciedad asi como para conserver el brillo natural de su alfombra.
  • No exponer directamente a la luz solar durante largo period de tiempo para evitar perdidas de color.
  • Limpiar manchas inmediatmente. No frotar. Manchas liquidas; limpiar con un pano blanco seco y absorbent. Los productos de limpieza especiales deben probarse primero en una esquina.
  • Las manchas se pueden limpiar con un detergente suave y agua tibia.si la mancha persiste, intente contactar con una empresa de limpieza professional
  • Las alfombras no se deben limpiar en seco o lavar en la lavadora.
  • Recomendamos el uso de un antideslizante.